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Detectives Global Information Network (alias:detinf ) is an international information system with the capability to collect the required information from all countries of the world.

Providing legal help for the members in their data collecting, research/control activities, creating the potential to exchange with each other the databases disposable in the data stores of their own country and/or obtainable from its diverse information systems, based on the principle of mutuality as well as mutual provision of information and advice. Beside the membership there is also other possibility to join the system. Those who are not member, may also acquire information against a fee, the level of which depends on the country from which the information is delivered and the sort of the information.


MEMBERS: Individuals and organizations (detectives) operating in diverse countries, joined the global information system through payment of membership fee

COOPERATORS: may join the system without paying membership fee. They request and provide information occasionally. The requested information is delivered through the selected member against a fee of which an invoice is presented. Its amount depends on the character of the requested information.

PROFESSIONAL PARTNERS: organizations and entrepreneurs that can provide special assistance or require such and for this purpose they advertise themselves on the web site of detinf. Security service firms, spy-shops, specialized lawyers and legal advisers, experts, body guards, and others may join as professional partners. Their participation ensures that referring to a particular country every member can satisfy its demand of information, obtain all professional information needed.

The users of the system have an outstanding knowledge of their special field. Within the frontiers of their country or those of their closer geographic region they know and use the channels of information, the ways of access to it. However they face difficulties when they want to enter the information system of another country and carry out research in it. They do not know if a system exists or if it does how to use it. The legal environment, the regulations and the use of language may also cause problems. Detinf connects its users who may demand advice from their co-users in the target country in legal, public security (police) and other affaires. With their cooperation also the legal and other practical (e.g.linguistic) conditions of access can be established.

Safe and controlled information can be obtained quickly, in legal and economical way on a given firm, person, event, establishment, etc.

With recommendation of local members reliable cooperators can be involved from private detectives, lawyers, specialists, experts and other professions.

If special professional – such as graphological, psychological, special legal etc. – information is needed in a country detinf selects the appropriate partner from the cooperators and makes a proposal for the cooperation.

Individuals or firms without membership are to pay detinf a commission fee and a fee for the information to the member having delivered the information

The members send their demand for the required information to the centre of detinf ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) that will convey it to the member or cooperator of the target country. The required information will be delivered in English, the prospective expenses will be indicated beforehand.


professional partners